MobyView was founded in September 2007 with the aim to provide a self-publishing platform for mobile applications. MobyView is a self-funded company with an initial capitalization of 230.000 and Samy ELBAZ, its founder, was previously the Head of Software Development at Vivendi and Vodafone groups. By self-publishing, MobyView means the ability to enable any user or any organization to publish mobile applications through MobyViews online tools. In that publishing process, we look at covering the wide spectrum of mobile devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, eReader terminals, etc.). MobyView both provides the middleware services and client applications to support such platforms. The middleware services are the following: A) content aggregation, B) CRM & personalization, C) multi-device publication and D) tracking & business intelligence. Mobile applications MogyView engages in are mainly content and serious/casual game applications. Moby View boasts an international set of clients: Havana Club, Jones Lang Lassale, Saatchi and As An Angel. We put also a strong emphasis on human interface design in our developments by integrating in our structure a studio of very seasoned graphic and human interface designers. MobyView has recently designed and developed the Spark Debate application which consists of debating real time over any topic one might choose. If no human person is available to debate with you can do so with an intelligent agent. Spark Debate is available on iPhone, iPad and Android terminals.