Assistance Publique des Hpitaux de Paris

The activities of the Broca Hospital, which belongs to the Cochin-Broca-Hotel-Dieu hospital and to Assistance Publique des Hpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), includes medical care, research and teaching in geriatrics with (1) geriatric network in the community (2) acute and rehabilitation care hospitalization, (3) long-term hospitalization, (4) day care hospitalizations and (5) day care center. The Broca hospital is a regional expert center devoted to Alzheimers disease (AD) for more than 20 years with the following tasks: clinical expertise, research coordination, training and education of professionals in the field of AD, coordination of an ethics group and of memory units in Ile de France. The academic research team (Equipe dAccueil Universitaire Paris Descartes 4468) is focused on risk factors in AD and care of AD patients and their families. In the field of Information and Communication Technolo-gies (ICT) for older people and patients suffering from cognitive impairment and their carers, we have expertise in the following tasks: assessment of end-user needs, development of cognitive stim-ulation programs and educational programs for their carers, evaluation of technologies for older persons and their carers in the hospital, in day care centers and at home (evaluation of lab and field trials), implementation and evaluation of eLearning programs focused on AD for professionals, reflection on ethics and technologies for older persons. APHP is current involved several in national and European projects which aim at evaluating the benefit of ICT developed for older persons (TANDEM, QUOVADIS, Robadom, HCNV, CompanionAble). Brocas research concerning usability, accessibility and user experience ensures that the user needs and end-user acceptance will be properly addressed throughout the vAssist project.