Integrazioni e Sistemi SpA

Established in 2000, Integrazioni e Sistemi SpA (I&S) operates in the ICT as a Global System Integrator offering advanced services in the Information Technology (IT) area: Business Intelligence, Systems & Networking, TLC & Data Transportation, Civil & Military Security, eHealth. Integrazioni & Sistemi has a wealth of professional skills expertise and a business model to design and implement the end-to-end services in partnership with its customers. For all strategic markets, Government, Defense&Security, TLC, Utilities, I&S offers, designs and develops information systems, integrated security services based on cutting-edge technology and eHealth platforms, acting as partner in complex projects, change management, security and business process, finalized to find solutions and solve customers problem. I&S has built a Research & Development lab where major market architectures and functionalities are deeply analyzed. The target is to enrich companys knowledge base in its business segment and, through experimentation of platform's integration in more sectors, increase the range of solutions offered to its customers. The I&Ss points of strength are depth knowledge of the IT market and the customers processes and the capacity to select and offer the best and most cutting edge technologies. Based on his wealth of experience, gained in the revision and management of end-to-end systems and processes, I&S become Security System Integrators for the main categories of customers. I&S can ensure the full management of IT security by integrating solutions and services in the following fields: organizational security, logical security, physical security disaster recovery & business continuity. I&S develops service platforms based on the most common interoperability standards, such as web services, SOAP, SOA, J2EE, WSDL and provides  services for electronic vote, health remote services, transport monitoring services based on the I&S data center. One of the most recent platform delivered, was electronic vote system which has been used in the international Festival del Cinema of Rome and deployed by I&S using his data center which has collected and provided the voting result in real time, guaranteeing the vote security and transmission.